A:   120 S Main Street

Soda Springs, ID 83276

T:   208-547-2131

E:  ruttcofloral@gmail.com


MON - FRI:  9am- 5pm

SATURDAY:   8am - 11am


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Meet Mallory, owner and idea generator of Ruttco Floral. Her brain is pretty much always overflowing with ideas. Some of her favorite things include flowers, colors, creating, and imagination. In other words, SHE LOVES HAVING A FLOWER SHOP. She also loves people, serving, giving, and smiling. Her two kids are her favorite humans, and her husband is her favorite superhero. Once upon a pre-children time, she was a 5th grade teacher at BMSA in Meridian, ID. She has also been a craft fair vendor, Spinning (cycling, not twirling) instructor, swimming lessons teacher, BYU New Student Orientation student coordinator, and snow shack ice shaver. She grew up in Boise, ID with her parents and three sisters where she learned the importance of learning and fun. And love. And sisterhood. And summer. And perhaps most importantly, the magic of skiing on glass-like water under a sunset in McCall.

Meet Preston, attorney and dream-encourager of Ruttco Floral. He graduated with a JD/MPA from the University of Kansas and is a staff attorney for Judge Mitchell W. Brown of the Sixth Judicial District of Idaho. (In other words, he has the orating skills of a lawyer and the heart of a public servant. A little confusing and a lot awesome.) His children consider him an animal expert and the Fastest Man in the World. (Both of which have serious merit.) He also loves following college football and the NBA, but few people know the true depths of loyalty he has for his beloved BYU Cougars and Utah Jazz. Hint: it is pretty deep. Almost as deep as his loyalty and love for his 1996 forest green Suburban. Lastly, he is perhaps most famous for his shifty hips in flag football, epic storytelling, dance party throw downs, and looking eerily similar to Eddie Redmayne. If we had to sum up Preston, we would borrow the words of the KU MPA Scott Brooks award (of which he is a recent recipient): compassion for colleagues, dedication to public service, and enthusiasm for life. 

Meet Shaunna, floral extraordinaire and loyal employee of Main Street Floral (predecessor to Ruttco Floral) for 14 years. We say prayers of gratitude every day for the gift that is Shaunna. She is a Soda Springs Lifer, and we are pretty sure she knows almost every single person in this town. She loves the outdoors, hunting, and fishing; in fact, her house looks like a mix of a cabin and the Fish and Game Department. She is a skilled artist and painter. She has the heart of an adventurer, and (we haven't gotten medical confirmation yet but...) we are pretty sure it is solid gold. She is the best mom and grandma, including step-in grandma for our two #flowershopkids. She has been a cheer coach, substitute teacher, motel room cleaner, middle school drum player, and loving dog mom. She could win an award for the best laugh in the world and makes everyone feel like they are funny. She has the kindest heart, a resilient spirit, and hard working hands. Have I mentioned how lucky we are to have her in our life?

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